Thanks to:

The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation: Jenny Dadd, Sharon Shea, Caroline Mason, and John Mulligan, and to the Clore Social Leadership Programme team, including Founding Director, Dame Mary Marsh, and former Programmes Director, Liz Lowther. 

The many individuals who not only gave their time, knowledge, and experience, but were willing to offer their candid reflections. They include Ed Anderton, Vanessa E Bonnelly, Caroline Broadhurst, Ethan Ken, Fred Kent, Jane McIntosh, Barbra Mazur, Justin G Moore, Penny Fujiko Willgerodt, Peter Scollard, Paula Z Segal and Kathy Sessions.

My family Christoph, Ellena & Edward, Victor, and Tayo, friends and colleagues, Emma Herbert, Sara Parkin, for their encouragement, also my fellow writing partners in crime, Baljeet Sandhu, Louise Cannon and Sanjiv Lingayah.

Lorna Howarth for her editing skills.

Last, but definitely not least, to my mother Grace Olurin-Adebowale, who has always taught me that everyone has a right to a decent livelihood, a healthy environment, and a good place to live; but also a responsibility to each other to make sure that happens.